Digital health and engagement solutions leveraging the Apple ecosystem.

We are a community of health driven organisations providing affordable solutions that encourage individuals and families to live healthier lifestyles.

Digital Solutions designed for all of life’s stages

Designed to promote health and engagement

Affordability built in

About Us

Digital health partners are a fast-growing community of business who share a belief that a connected ecosystem built on technology and data will improve the way we, and future generations live.

Our aim is to provide affordable access to the latest products, solutions and services to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We combine the latest products and services in connectivity and health with best in class customer experience. Built on simplicity through design to deliver an engaging experience for businesses and their customers.

Our partners represent the cutting edge of innovative businesses focused on using technology and data to improve the way we live.

Bespoke offers and products exclusively for your customers

Unique employee wellness solutions

Integrated finance and affordability solutions

Apple managed customer experience and returns policy

Access to a wider community of customers